Anti-EDCA Bases, Anti-Proxy War; Anti-NATO Sea Patrols Forum Statement

Friends and colleagues!
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Ladies and gentlemen!
Good morning!

I would like to express my sincere opposition to the militarization of the Philippines through the full implementation of EDCA, for the wills and caprices of the United States together with its allies in the Asia Pacific region, the likes of Japan, and beyond the region in preparation for the war that the US has been trying to orchestrate for the longest time now against our neighbor China.

This war that the US has been trying to instigate for the longest time, worst comes to worst will be at the expense of our country and Asia. The ramifications of this impending war between the two superpowers will be fatal and most devastating to any country that Uncle Sam will use as a proxy. Sadly, our beloved Philippines is one in the running to be a proxy if, in any case, a military confrontation breaks out either in the Taiwan Strait or in the disputed South China Sea.

Nevertheless, I am praying fervently that all these will not happen and that we will rise as a nation to oppose such an evil plan of the empire. As a nation, we should not leave our faith to an imperialist and colonizer that has been bleeding and disrespecting the country’s sovereignty if there’s still any of that this time around, since colonial times until now.

To be used as a proxy and to be a neo-colony of Uncle Sam is no joke. This basically means that, as a nation, we are NOT truly independent and sovereign. This means our faith as a nation is not ours but controlled by an empire. And this is the saddest realization for every Filipino.

Mga Ka-Bansa, we are in the most dangerous geopolitical and economic situation since 1945. We are facing a world where, for any possible miscalculation in three of the flash points in our region, namely, the disputed South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, and the Korean Peninsula, the world will be on the brink of World War III. And mind you, this impending war will not be the same kind of war humanity has experienced before. It will be most catastrophic and fatal.

In this regard, as members of the international community and as a nation who will be directly affected by this impending war, if this happens, I really hope not, we have the responsibility to oppose this evil plan of the empire and spare us and the rest of the world from sufferings and fatalities that a war may bring to the world, to our region, and most importantly to our beloved Philippines.

As a nation, we should learn from the experience of Ukraine, and we should not just sit down and wait for this country to burn into ashes like Ukraine. We only have one country, the Philippines, and it is but the responsibility of each Filipino to fight for his country’s survival to exist against an imperialist power that is trying to use it as a pawn and a proxy for its own purposes, caprices, and own agenda. If we will not oppose the evil plan of the empire as a nation, who will do this for us then??? This is the question that we as Filipinos must reflect, contend with, and act on, before it’s too late. Time is of the essence, and it’s ticking…

Again, the Ukraine crisis is a hybrid proxy war between the United States and its NATO allies against Russia. What happened before the actual Ukraine Crisis and Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is happening and taking place now in the Philippines. The same playbook that the United States used in Ukraine is currently operational in the Philippines. Though not exactly the same in all aspects but the outcome will be similar in every respect, and that’s the Philippines will end up the collateral damage, the proxy, the pawn, and the newly acquired military asset of the US in its planned war against China with the sole purpose of containing China for the empire to maintain its hegemony and supremacy in the world that is evolving into a multipolar one.

Mga Ka-Bansa, imagine our country has been reduced by Uncle Sam as a “military asset,” disrespecting our sovereignty and independence as a nationstate. This is quite a colossal insult to the Philippines and the Filipinos beyond imagination.

But I guess the critical question for most Asians and Filipinos, in particular, is, would we allow the Empire to succeed in their wicked plans at our expense?

Would we allow a military crisis or a war to take a foothold in our relatively peaceful Asia Pacific region? Well, I say NO!

As a nation and Filipinos, we should say NO to the glaring US neocolonialism of
the Philippines.

We should say NO to the full implementation of EDCA, the four EDCA bases facing Taiwan and near the disputed South China Sea (SCS).

We should say NO to the enhanced joint patrol in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) between the US, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines, provoking our giant neighbor China, a recipe for disaster in the disputed waters.

We should say NO to deploying more US troops and military assets on Philippine soil.

We should say NO to the Triad military alliance or pact between the Philippines, Japan, and the United States targeting China, a cold war tactic and bloc confrontation being staged by the Americans at our expense as a country.

Mga Ka-Bansa, worst comes to worst, if things go wrong and a war in the Asia/Indo-Pacific region breaks out, again, the Philippines will end up a collateral damage, and this war will devastate us beyond our imagination. Hence, we should NOT allow ourselves and our country to be used as a pawn or proxy of the US chess match with China. We should learn from the mishaps of the Ukrainians and their US puppet President Zelensky. Again, the Ukraine Crisis is a hybrid proxy war between Russia and the US alongside its NATO allies, and Ukraine is the pawn. Do we want our country to end up like Ukraine? Do we want a repeat of the Ukraine Crisis in Asia? Do we want to be the next Ukraine in Asia? I really hope not.

Again, real talk dictates that as a country, the Philippines needs to be on the side of peace and must exert all efforts not to be dragged into any military conflict, not our own making and not within our core national interests for this is detrimental to the existence and survival of the country.

Filipinos and Asian alike must be mindful of the fact that PEACE is an essential precondition to economic progress and development. Without peace, economic progress is not possible.

The Ukraine Crisis is a living testament that wars/conflicts can easily wipe out all sorts of economic development and progress achieved not only by Ukraine and Russia but all countries across the globe. In war, there are no winners, only

As Filipinos and as Asians, I implore you, my fellow Filipinos and Asians, to stand on the side of peace and to say NO to a proxy war that the empire is planning to stage on our side of the world, in our region, Asia.

Mga Ka-Bansa, the path to peace creates security and stability, and we achieve economic prosperity through peace and stability.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Friends and Colleagues,
Thank you for your attention and a pleasant morning to all!

Prof. Anna Rosario Malindog-Uy

Prof. Anna Rosario Malindog-Uy is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD), Peking University, Beijing, China. She is currently a director and the Vice President for External Affairs of the Asian Century Philippines Strategic Studies Institute (ACPSSI), a think tank based in Manila. She also serves as the political/geopolitical analyst of ACPSSI. Currently, she is a Senior Researcher of the South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI) and a Senior Research Fellow of the Global Governance Institution (GGI). She is also the President of Techperformance Corp, an IT-based company in the Philippines. Prof. Anna Uy taught Political Science, International Relations, Development Studies, European Studies, Southeast Asia, and China Studies. She is a researcher-writer, academic, and consultant on a wide array of issues. She has worked as a consultant with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other local and international NGOs.